Senin, 14 Desember 2015

You have a good day ... :)

The business world is a world that is always dynamic and changing. Now we are trading stocks, currencies or gold, which we always experience the same thing, namely price volatility. Prices are constantly changing, sometimes it does not move according to our wishes. Here, our response to the changes that determine our success as a trader.

Some time ago I spoke with a fellow trader of stocks, as usual after ngidul Ngalor eventually returned to the subject of values.
I asked: "How to negotiate?".

"Collapses because tuh presidential candidate, so the stock market is not frivolous," he said.

Some time later, he made contact again with the merchant. I asked again: "How do you negotiate now?"

"The losses due to disputes in parliament, chaotic."

In fact, the current political situation is not conducive, so they understand the answer. But behind the answer that it really means something. As experienced by many other merchants, we tend to blame circumstances when losses. Either by the market turmoil, the Fed policy statement by the president or rupture.

His name is also negotiable. The market is always changing, as always dynamic. If you become a trader, you have to understand this. We can not always expect things to always be beautiful. In fact, every time there will always be shocking news that made the stock market collapse. When faced with a disappointing market conditions, we are only going to blame the country further success in trade.

Constantly complaining will not change the situation. On the contrary, in fact hamper to take action. Someone who blame the state, tend to move too late. He's right. In his mind he thought: If the situation is, or should be. I do not want to cut loss. He was waiting for market conditions tend to be more "real" as he wishes. Usually this does not happen, there is even getting worse and increase the market value losses.

Remember, the market is always right. The market is always right. We can predict anything, but the market will move keinginannnya agreement itself. Blaming the circumstances would be pointless. Better we focus on trading plan. If the price moves are no longer compatible with the trading plan, immediately cut loss. Easy anyway. No need to find a scapegoat for the ineffectiveness of a trading plan. You just need to look for other opportunities to trade at another time

Hopefully this article useful for us all to learn to stop blaming circumstances. Once again, the market is always right. The day we stop blaming this situation is the day you start your journey as a better trader.

You have a good day ... :)

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